Read Music For Guitar “String-by-String” Soundtracks

Exercises are from Read Music for Guitar. Tracks are for the section in bold.

TIP: On mobile, use the 3 dots on each track to set playback speed. On computer, right click to select speed and other options.

SBS-String 1 Ex.1

SBS-String 1 Ex.2

SBS-String 1 Ex.3

SBS-String 1 Ex.4

SBS-String 1 Ex.5

SBS-String 1 Ex.6

SBS-String 2 Ex.7

SBS-String 2 Ex.8

SBS-String 2 Ex.9

SBS-String 2 Ex.10

SBS-String 2 Ex.11

SBS-String 2&1 Ex.12

SBS-String 2&1 Ex.13 Ode to Joy

SBS-String 2&1 Ex.14 Yankee Doodle

SBS-String 3 Ex.15

SBS-String 3 Ex.16: Frere Jaques

SBS-String 3 Ex.17 Eine Kleine Nacht Musick

SBS-String 4 Ex.18

SBS-String 4 Ex.19: Scarborough Fair

SBS-String 4 Ex.20 Arping On

String 5 Ex.21

String 5 Ex.22 8-Bar Blues Triplet

String 6 Ex. 23

String 6 Ex. 24: 50’s Cliche

String 6 Ex. 25: The Low Down