Best Beginner’s Guitar Course

Why Guitar in Real Time is the BEST comprehensive beginner’s guitar course

With this course you’ll  do ALL of the following:

  1. . . .  learn playing, reading and writing music on guitar
  2. . . .  gain experience with different music styles and genres
  3. . . .  play fingerstyle AND with a pick to become a versatile player
  4. . . .  make fast progress with 24/7 access to video lessons and sound tracks
Best Beginner's Guitar Course Student
Learn with a teacher or use FREE video lessons for self study

This is all yours and more, with Guitar in Real Time ( G-Rea-T for short).

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Theory isn’t just a separate thing either.  It’s part of the course and you absorb it as you go so that you’re able to. . .

Play, Read and Write Your Own Music

Imagine what a handicap it would be not being able to read this text!  Unfortunately guitarists have a reputation as poor music readers.  Reading music actually isn’t that hard to learn and it’s a valuable skill that helps you to understand music and communicate better with other musicians.

Of course, it takes a little effort, but in this method you do it in easy steps note by note over time to absorb it naturally.  G-ReaT takes you string-by-string through practice examples.

Don’t be limited to a single genre

We live in a diverse world and diversity makes life interesting.   As you go through the course, you’ll learn different music styles and genres.  It’s a good thing for new players to become familiar with different ways to play.  G-Rea-T also covers both finger-style and pick (plectrum) playing techniques used in various styles such as  rock and blues, country and folk. You’ll even  learn some classical guitar techniques.

Create your own music on guitar

G-Rea-T explains how to write and create your own music with examples of famous composers.  By following the examples you use the scales and arpeggios learned in the course to create your own melodies. This is how you’ll learn both composing and improvising in the Music Creation sections featured in each of the levels.

Get the Best Beginner’s Guitar Course

G-Rea-T is best beginner’s guitar course because it’s the most comprehensive.  Get  Level One here  today.

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