Level 1 Videos

Music featured in Guitar in Real Time Level 1 is used in an online music reading course called Read Music for Guitar – Beginners. That link is to a Udemy course. You can also take the course on Skillshare.

Real Time Savers – Guitar Practice Logs

Music Practice Log - valuable aid to track your progress with the Guitar in Real Time Course
Music Practice Log book: 52-week practice log with two-page repertoire list

Even though Guitar in Real Time is an excellent course to learn guitar, you’ll learn more effectively by establishing a practice routine. Forming the habit of practice makes a huge difference in your guitar playing progress. To help you track and maintain a routine, here’s a great tip.

Get a practice log. It doesn’t even have to cost anything. You can get a FREE pdf file to printout here. But then, if you want to be even more organized, consider getting a book. It will allow you to keep all of your practice sheets in one place. You can also track your progress and feel how much you’ve accomplished. Here are some options on this page.

Find more useful FREE pdf downloads of Practice Logs and Music Sheets on GuitarBasement.com.

Soundtracks for Level 1

Use the soundtracks on this page to learn how the melodies in the book sound. Then, make it a goal to work up to speed so that you can play along with the tracks. To help you work the melodies up to speed, download a metronome app for your smart phone. These are usually free and all you need is a basic click to count the beats.

Make sure to bookmark this site so you can come back and access the tracks, videos and other resources easily.

Guitar in Real Time Level 2

Once you complete Level 1, continue your journey and take Guitar in Real Time Level 2. You’ll learn more complex melodies that have two notes. You also get to know more chords and strumming styles, as well as playing in other keys, and much more.