Guitar Course in Real Time

Guitar Course that gives you the Most

Guitar in Real Time covers a lot of ground Not just guitar technique, but also essential theoryreading and writing music in easy to follow steps that build  upon your knowledge and skills as you go.  This way students can become more complete musicians.

Supporting the book, on this site you’ll find audio examples, play-along tracks and video lessons available free to guide you through the course.

This approach benefits young and old.  Children learning the course get to know a variety of genres such as folk, rock, blues and classical. Adults who prefer a comprehensive course get the same broad approach and perhaps develop an interest in music types outside of what they may currently be interested in.  Plus, being able to read and write music and understand theory opens up the world of music even more.

So,  get the most with Guitar in Real Time. Check out the lessons below. . .

Free Level 1 Lessons

Free Level 1 Audio Tracks