Guitar Course in Real Time

Guitar Course that gives you the Most

Guitar in Real Time covers more than just playing technique You also get to learn essential theory, plus reading and writing music in easy to follow steps. Building and expanding your knowledge and skills as you move forward, you can  become a more complete musician.

To help you learn the skills, melodies and techniques, there are audio examples play-along backing tracks and online video lessons available free on this site to guide you through the course.

This approach is great for teaching children, who benefit from learning a variety of playing styles, and very effective for adults who prefer a comprehensive course that doesn’t focus solely on a single genre, but covers music reading and essential theory too.

Get the most with Guitar in Real Time.  You don’t need a book to get started, although it will make it easier to learn once you have one.  Checkout the lessons below. . .

Free Level 1 Lessons

Free Level 1 Audio Tracks