Best Beginner’s Guitar Course

Here’s Why…

Four reasons why Guitar in Real Time (G-Rea-T) is the BEST beginner’s guitar course:

  1. G-Rea-T helps you learn all aspects of guitar, and it’s not locked in to one particular genre either – you learn Bach to Blues, Ragtime to Rock.
  2. Start playing right away in easy steps while gradually absorbing music reading and theory.
  3. Watch a growing library of FREE video lessons on this site that support the printed books. Watch between guitar lessons with a teacher, or use for self study.
  4. Listen to example tracks from the book to hear and understand how the music goes. Then work up to speed and play along.
Best Beginner's Guitar Course Student
Learn with a teacher or use FREE video lessons for self study

Learn theory while developing your guitar playing skills

With G-Rea-T, theory isn’t just a separate thing to learn, it’s applied in the music that you learn.

Read, Write and Play Your Music

For some people, reading and theory may not seem that important.  But imagine not being able to read this text! Wouldn’t that be a handicap? Guitarists unfortunately have a reputation as poor readers – perhaps because many are self taught. But music reading is a valuable skill that helps you understand music better and communicate well with other musicians.

But perhaps you think that reading is too hard or takes too long?  It takes a little effort, but you can do it in small steps learning one string at a time. That way it’s not hard and you learn to be a good reader over time. G-ReaT takes you through string-by-string giving practice examples for each one.

Don’t feel limited to a single genre

We live in a diverse world and diversity makes life interesting.   As you go step-by-step through the course, you learn different styles and genres of music.  It’s good for new players to become familiar with different ways to play.  The G-Rea-T course also covers both finger-style and pick (plectrum) playing techniques used in various styles such as  rock and blues, country and folk. You’ll even  learn a little classical guitar along with techniques that can be applied to other styles.

Create your own music on guitar

G-Rea-T explains how to write and create your own music following examples of famous composers.  In the course the scales and arpeggios that you learn are put to use in the Music Creation section.  Music Creation sections are in each of the levels and introduce both composing and improvising on guitar.

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