Level Three

Guitar Lessons in Real Time: Level 3 – book link

What’s in the “Guitar Lessons in Real Time: Level 3” Book?

Guitar Lessons in Real Time: L3 helps you to…

…build on your basic guitar playing skills and make 3 great leaps forward. This is the most exciting guitar learning experience in the series yet. Level 3 of Guitar Lessons in Real Time is a guitar course for the fingerstyle and flat picking (plectrum) player who already learned basic guitar playing skills and how to write and read music from the first two levels. It’s also for anyone with similar knowledge and experience.

Leap 1 – Master barring technique.  Barring means using one finger to control more than a single string. This technique, mostly associated with bar chords, is incredibly effective with single note playing too. Bar chords are a key landmark in your guitar playing journey.  Follow a series of exercises and progressively build your skills until you can play full 6-string guitar bar chords. Other chords you learn are slash chords and diminished chords and the theory behind them.

Leap 2 – Become immersed in the fretboard itself. Learn the full fretboard, memorize note names, and how to read and write them. With these tools you can tap your inner creativity and be able to write music and perform more effectively. Meanwhile, a series of exercises and performance-pieces cover the whole fretboard, building playing skills to help you progress as a guitarist.

Leap 3 – Add percussive sounds and slides (glissandos) to your playing that open new ways to expresses yourself on guitar. You also learn to apply dynamics, articulations, hammer-ons and pull-offs together with your new bar chord playing skills.

Additionally, get practical guidance on improvising and transposing music. And in the theory section learn about harmonized triads and four-part chords. Use this understanding to great effect in your compositions and improvising, It will help you to move ahead and become a “complete” musician.

Not only do you get a great book, but there is a range of online audio and visual support content. Guitar Lessons in Real Time: Level 3 continues this comprehensive guitar course to take your guitar playing and understanding to a whole new level.

Are you ready for the next 3 great leaps in YOUR guitar playing?

Topics in L3:

  • review of all L1 and L2 Chord Types
  • bar chords – taking existing chords and moving them up the fret-board
  • CAGED Chords – as a visual understanding of chord and scale patterns
  • major, minor and 7th chords in any position
  • hammer-ons & pull-offs together with bar chords
  • vibrato & string-bending techniques
  • harmonics – real and artificial
  • 2 flats, 3 sharps and 4 sharp keys
  • pentatonic scales in 5 Positions
  • 7th arpeggios
  • 4-note chords
  • creating your own 16 bar chord progression
  • writing melodies to chord progressions
  • the circle of fifths/forths
  • reading notes up the neck
  • music pieces using bar chords
  • transposing keys
  • … and lots more


The following tracks are part of the Level 3 curriculum.  

Having a Real Time – Duet

Mountain Slide – Solo

Etude in C – Solo

It’s All in a Day – Solo

Raising the Bar – Solo

Romanza – Solo

Comin’ Round the Mountain – Solo

Snowday Chicago Blues – Solo