Level Three

Guitar in Real Time Level 3

Course Description and Backing Tracks

 Guitar in Real Time Level 3 takes all of the knowledge gained in Level 1 and Level 2 as a basis to move along the fret-board while introducing other exciting new techniques.

Level 3 is planned to be published in August 2018.

Checkout the exciting topics in L3:

  • review of all L1 and L2 Chord Types
  • bar chords – taking existing chords and moving them up the fret-board
  • CAGED Chords – as a visual understanding of chord and scale patterns
  • major, minor and 7th chords in any position
  • hammer-ons & pull-offs together with bar chords
  • vibrato & string-bending techniques
  • harmonics – real and artificial
  • 2 flats, 3 sharps and 4 sharp keys
  • pentatonic scales in 5 Positions
  • 7th arpeggios
  • 4-note chords
  • creating your own 16 bar chord progression
  • writing melodies to chord progressions
  • the circle of fifths/forths
  • reading notes up the neck
  • music pieces using bar chords
  • transposing keys
  • … and lots more


The following tracks are part of the Level 3 curriculum.  Level 3 is planned to be published in August 2018.