Level Two

Guitar in Real Time Level 2

Course Description and Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time Level 2 builds on the skills and understanding gained in Level One.  You’ll continue developing existing skills and new techniques, keys and theory are introduced.

Get the Level 2 book here.

Here’s a summary of new things you’ll learn:

  • more advanced finger-style and picking techniques
  • how to play hammer-ons and pull-offs effectively
  • when to use suspended chords and what they are
  • play major 7th chords and understand what they are
  • how to play natural harmonics
  • to create your own chord progression and writing a melody for it
  • making melody lines using blues and pentatonic scales
  • reading and playing in 2-sharp and 1-flat keys
  • playing anywhere on the fret-board using movable scales
  • movable scale sequencing – note patterns that repeat
  • scales in 3rds and 10ths as the basis for chords and harmony
  • introduction to bar chords (a main focus of Level 3)
  • … and much more


The following tracks are of music in the Level 2 book to use as examples and to play along with.

Page 13

Page 14

Page 16

Page 18

Page 19 (Slowed down version)

Page 19

Page 20 (slow version)

Page 22

Page 28

Page 29

Page 35

Page 35