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Hi, I’m John Chamley author of Guitar Lessons in Real Time and I’m here to talk about Level 3 which came out in 2018. What this does is it builds on your basic guitar playing skills and makes three great leaps forward. This is the most exciting guitar learning experience in the series yet.

Level 3 of Guitar Lessons in Real Time is a guitar course for the finger style or the flat-picking player who already learned the basic guitar playing skills, and how to write and read music from the first two levels.  It’s also for anyone with similar experience and background.

Bar or Barre Chords

Leap One is for mastering barring techniques.  Barring means using a single finger to control more than a single string. This technique, which is mostly associated with Barre chords (or simply bar chords), is incredibly effective with single note playing.  Bar chords are a key landmark in anyone’s guitar playing journey and you follow a series of exercises and progressively build your skills until you can play full six-string bar chords.

Other chords in the course are slash chords and diminished chords and you get to know the theory behind all of them.

Learn the Fretboard

Leap Two:  You become immersed in the fretboard itself. You learn the full fretboard, memorize the note names and how to read and write them.   So, with these tools you can tap into your inner creativity and be able to write music and perform more effectively. Meanwhile in a series of exercises and performance pieces that cover the whole fretboard you build your playing skills, helping you to progress as a guitarist.

New Techniques

In leap 3 you learn percussive sounds, and slides called glissandos, that add to your playing skills. These open new ways to express yourself on guitar. You also learn to apply dynamics, articulations, hammer-ons and pull-offs, together with your new Barre chord playing skills.

Additionally, you get practical examples of improvising and transposing music. And in the theory section you learn about harmonized triads and four-part chords you can use.  This understanding is used to great effect in your compositions and improvising.  It will help you to move ahead and become a more complete musician.

Not only do you get a great book, but there are a range of online audio and visual support content available on GuitarInRealTime.com.  Guitar Lessons in Real Time Level 3 continues the comprehensive guitar course that started in level 1 & 2.  It takes your guitar playing and understanding to a whole new level.

 So, are you ready for the next three great leaps in your guitar playing?

Section 6 Music Pieces

Snowday Chicago Blues – Guitar in Real Time Level 3
Having a Real Time – Guitar in Real Time Level 3

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