Level One

Guitar in Real Time Level 1

Course Description and Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time Level 1  is for absolute beginners.  After completing the course, you’ll be able to play finger-style, with a pick, know major and minor chords and be able to read notes and write your own melodies.  Level One video lessons  cover each  section. You can order Level One books here.  After completing Level 1 you’ll be ready to move on to Level Two.

Here’s a summary of what you learn

  • finger-style arpeggios and “walking fingers” techniques
  • using a pick (plectrum)
  • reading and playing notes on all six strings
  • major, minor and 7th chords
  • use a simple and effective method to write your own music on guitar 
  • how chords are created from scales
  • … and much more

Level 1 Check-sheet

Here are Guitar in Real Time Level 1 Check-sheets to keep track of what you learned. This is a 2-page document of skills and learning goals. This is great for keeping track of achievements and staying focused on things to be learned.  Also teachers can use it to record their student’s progress.

Level 1 Backing Tracks

The soundtracks below let you listen to music from the Guitar in Real Time: Level 1 book.

Frere Jaque – Slow

Frere Jaque

Eine Kleine

Scarboro’ Fair

Arping On

8 Bar Blues Trip(let) Slow

8 Bar Blues Trip(let)

50’s Cliche

The Low Down

Rockin’ Chair