Level 2 Content & Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time: L2 Course Description and Backing Tracks

 Guitar in Real Time: Level Two builds on the understanding gained in Level One.

L2 Course Contents:

  • Hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Natural harmonics
  • More advanced finger-style and picking techniques
  • Note reading in 2 sharp and 1 flat keys
  • Movable scales
  • Movable scale sequencing
  • Scales in 3rds and 10ths
  • Composing music on guitar – using blues and pentatonic scales
  • Suspended chords and major 7th chords
  • Prepare to learn bar chords (Coming up in Level 3)
  • … and more


The following tracks are of music in the Level 2 book for students to work up to and play along with after a certain amount of practice.