Level 1 Content & Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time: Level 1 Course Description and Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time: Level One is a step-by-step guide for absolute beginner’s to learn guitar. You’ll learn note names, chords, theory, play melodies, as well as learn music reading and writing.  New students start playing immediately and by the end of the book will have a thorough foundation to move on to Level Two.

Course Contents:

  • Right hand arpeggios and “walking fingers”
  • Picking as an alternative approach
  • Note reading string-by-string
  • Standard music notation, TAB and chord symbols
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 finger chords
  • Composing music on guitar
  • Chord theory
  • … and more

Level 1 Study Check-sheet

Guitar in Real Time Level 1 Check-sheets to keep track of what you learned. This is a 2-page document, listing skills and learning goals. . . great for keeping track of achievements and staying on track with things to be learned.

It’s also useful for teachers to record students’ progress.

Level 1 Backing Tracks

Following are backing tracks of music pieces in the Guitar in Real Time: Level 1 book for students to work up to and play along with.

Frere Jaque – Slow

Frere Jaque

Eine Kleine

Scarboro’ Fair

Arping On

8 Bar Blues Trip(let) Slow

8 Bar Blues Trip(let)

50’s Cliche

The Low Down

Rockin’ Chair