Level 1 Content & Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time: L1 Course Description and Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time: Level One is for absolute beginner’s to learn guitar step-by-step while learning note names, theory, music reading and writing.  New students start playing right away and by the end of the book will have a thorough grounding to be able to move on to Level Two.

Course Contents:

  • Right hand arpeggios and “walking fingers”
  • Picking as an alternative approach
  • Note reading string-by-string
  • Standard music notation, TAB and chord symbols
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 finger chords
  • Composing music on guitar
  • Chord theory
  • … and more


The following tracks are of music in the Level 1 book for students to work up to and play along with after a certain amount of practice.

Frere Jaque – Slow

Frere Jaque

Eine Kleine

Scarboro’ Fair

Arping On

8 Bar Blues Trip(let) Slow

8 Bar Blues Trip(let)

50’s Cliche

The Low Down

Rockin’ Chair