Level 3 Content & Backing Tracks

Guitar in Real Time: L3 Course Description and Backing Tracks

 Guitar in Real Time: Level Three takes all of the knowledge gained in Level 1 and Level 2 and moves it along the neck.

L3 Course Contents (Still Finalizing):

  • Review of all L1 and L2 Chord Types
  • Bar Chords – Moving up
  • CAGED Chords
  • Major, Minor and 7th Chords in any Position
  • Hammer-ons & Pull-offs with Bar Chords
  • Vibrato & String-bending
  • Harmonics – real and artificial
  • 2 flats, 3 sharps and 4 sharps scales
  • Pentatonic Scales in 5 Positions
  • 7th Arpeggios
  • Create your own 16 bar Chord Progression
  • Write Melodies to Chord Progressions
  • The Circle of Fifths/Forths
  • Reading Notes up the Neck
  • Music Pieces that use Bar Chords
  • Transposing Keys
  • … and lots more


The following tracks are of music in the Level 3 book for students to work up to and play along with.

(More to come soon)