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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the backing tracks for Guitar in Real Time?

Level 1 tracks and videos are here.

Level 2 tracks and videos are here.

How many levels are there?

There are currently two levels available.  Level 3 should be available in early 2016.

Can I teach myself using Guitar in Real Time books?

Although it’s possible to work through the books and use the soundtracks and videos on this site, the course currently leaves a lot of explanation to the teacher. For best results, we recommended finding a good teacher to help “connect the dots.” 

What style of playing does Guitar in Real Time Teach?

Guitar in Real Time has music pieces using different playing styles. Some pieces require classical or finger style playing, while others can be played with a pick or using a hybrid picking technique.  The aim is to provide a broad introduction to guitar and the various styles of playing.

How do I teach with Guitar in Real Time?

All students and guitar teachers are unique and the books are not designed to be gone through in a linear fashion. Instead, the book is written in sections that teachers can refer to. For example, a teacher introducing a piece written in D major may want to review the scales or chords section first.  Typically a lesson will involve various activities using different sections of the books. Having reference or backing tracks has also been found to stimulate students to work up to speed.  The books are essentially a useful collection of the learning elements providing a structure that has been found to work well.  Each level introduces new scales, chords, theory and music pieces.